This is our family, I'm Susan, the tallest one in back.  The two suits are my husband, David and my son, Blake, and my two daughters are Chloe (standing) and Clare (sitting) a.k.a. pattern stuffers, fabric choosers, cheering section  and much more!
My mom taught me to sew when I was young, I get my love of fabric from her.  I've been quilting since I became a stay at home mom 11 years ago. I've been designing quilts for several years and have been prompted by friends and family to put them into patterns.  So, here they are and I hope you enjoy sewing them as much as I do creating them.
copyright 2003-2013 Susan Marth
Ten years later...
My kids are now taller than I, so I decided I needed to update this page. Chloe & Blake are both living at home and attending SIU-E and Clare is a freshman in high school.
I can still count on them to help me fold and stuff patterns in a pinch,  but I have to catch them first!